Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Way Back When-esday!

Come play with us at this week's Way Back When-esday!

Year: 2005
Age: 4 weeks
*Her umbilical stump finally came off (after a little help from the Head Start nurse), so Brooklyn got her first bath!

Year: 2006
Age: 1 year, 1 month
*Already so conscientious about her dietary habits. :-)

Year: 2007
Age: 2 years, 1 month
*Riding on Allie's bike and having a blast with her "big girl helmet."

Year: 2008
Age: 3 years, 1 month
*Last year, Easter was so much fun, and Brooklyn was a PRO at collecting all her blue and pink eggs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way Back When-esday!

Lots of random things for this week's Way Back When-esday post!

Year: 2005
Age: 1 month old
*Brooklyn started smiling this week and hasn't stopped since!

Year: 2006
Age: 1 year, 1 month
*Brooklyn's first "hair cut"....I had to trim back the mullet/rat tail she had going on back there!

Year: 2007
Age: 2 years, 1 month
*Ready for St Patty's Day at school, she was decked out in her finest green!

Year: 2008

Age: 3 years, 1 month

*This was her Easter Egg Hunt at school. She had a BLAST finding the eggs on the playground.

St Patty's Fun

Thanks to Aunt Misty, Uncle Joe, & Allie, Brooklyn had a cute St. Patty's shirt to wear on Tuesday!

Posing in front of her class's shamrocks.

With her "girlfriends" (Casey, Anna Grace, Brooklyn, Mary, and Sierra)

The whole class decked out in their green!

Hope everyone had a fun (and safe) St. Patty's Day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here's the story....and my 100th post!

So, I am so excited that this is my 100th post...and I have great news to share.
We are expecting baby #2 on November 1st! The "official announcement" was made Monday to family, but I have been journaling this experience from the beginning. Keep reading if you are interested in how it all began...well, how it began after the obvious parts. :-)

Week 5 (March 1-7):
After being about 8-9 days late, I decide to bite the bullet and take a Home Pregnancy Test. I bought it in the morning before work, sat with it in my car all morning, and then couldn't stand it anymore. I drove home for lunch, peed on the stick, and to my excitement, confirmed what I somewhat already knew since Brooklyn's birthday. I immediately called my doctor's office because they like to confirm pregnancies with a blood test, and to my surprise, they could see me that afternoon. So, I took a loooooong lunch and went to the doctor. Again, though I already somewhat knew I was pregnant, I was pretty surprised (and so excited) when the blood test came back positive as well. Chad did not know I was late (since I had some spotting the first day, he and I both thought I was getting my period and we were done for the month), so he was VERY surprised when I told him that evening. I was feeling some sharp pains in my groin area and side, so my doctor scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday of that week just to rule out an ectopic pregnany. I attended the ultrasound alone (no sense in Chad taking off for appointments NOW), but luckily the "sac" was where it was supposed to be, and it was confirmed I got pregnant from an egg in my right ovary (why that makes a difference I have no idea but several doctors mentioned that tidbit so it must be important). Since the embryo/fetus/not sure what you call it this early was about the size of a sesame seed, it was not visible in the ultrasound and there was no detectable heartbeat. But, I am assured this is normal. We are still waiting to tell people until my 9 week check up when we should hear a heartbeat and be assured everything is on track. My symptoms experienced this week were fatigue and sore chest. No cravings yet. :-)

Week 6 (March 8-14):

Sunday marked the beginning of week 6 (according to my calendar). I started the prenatal vitamins last Tuesday which ultimately for me means ALL DAY NAUSEA. It's inevitable. I had it for about 14 weeks with Brooklyn and attribute most of it to the prenatal vitamins. The fatigue and sore chest are still there, as well as some major bloating and some light cramping, which concerns me slightly. I have an appointment with the health educator a week from Monday (March 16) so I am trying to hold out calling the doctor until then. I think the cramping is a little normal, and since there is no bleeding, I am just trying to stay calm and relaxed. I am just praying the next three weeks go by quickly so I can hear that precious heartbeat and start the exciting process of sharing the news. My best cure for nausea found this weekend? A McDonald's double cheeseburger! That burger was so good I just did not want it to end! :-) I am hoping I come up with some healthier cravings later on. Otherwise, we are in for some crazy weight gain.

By the end of the week, I did call the nurse who assured me that cramping was VERY normal for this stage in pregnancy, and I should not be worried at all. I also had my health educator meeting and insurance meeting on Friday (they could see me earlier). All was great with the health educator (despite the cheeseburgers, I actually lost 0.2 pounds this week) and all was REALLY great with the insurance and billing lady, because our insurance is paying 100% of everything. I was shocked...and she was a bit surprised, too. I am so thankful for Chad's work and their insurance. This has taken quite a load off my mind!

Week 7 (March 15-21):

As I started a new week, I noticed two things: 1. My anxiety about this pregnancy decreased, but 2. my nausea has unfortunately increased. I have prayed to God to take away all my worries, concerns, and "what ifs," and asked that He just watch over my family (including this new little one). I am now just excited about my 9 week check up in a week and a half and REALLY excited about sharing this good news with everyone! :-) Unfortunately, I am feeling the same as I did with Brooklyn- all day nausea but just first thing in the morning vomiting. No fun, but at least I knew what I signed up for (and if I get as healthy of a baby as Brooklyn was, then no complaints here!). In an effort to stay in my jeans for a few more weeks, I have cut back from double cheeseburgers to single cheeseburgers (which actually saves 140 calories and 11 grams of fat right there). I have also been eating smaller meals every 2 hours or so in an effort to curb the nausea. Some days are better than others. My cramping is almost completely gone, but I do feel bits of twinges and small amounts of pain every now and then (which the nurse assured me was normal). All is good here and I can't wait to actually POST this on the blog (instead of updating in secret- ha ha!).

*Little bit should be about the size of a blueberry this week.

**Weird dream: I dreamed I started high school again but couldn't figure out my schedule or my locker combination. My analysis? Definitely has something to do with "starting over again" with a new baby. I've been there before, but at the same time, it's all new territory.

Week 8 (March 22-28):

Week 8 started off crappy. Sunday I was feeling so bleh all day. For something the size of a *kidney bean (according to, it sure is wreaking havok on my digestive system. But, as I told Chad, the more things feel like it did with Brooklyn (aka the more crappy I feel), the more confidence I have in this pregnancy sticking for good. :-) I think I am over cheeseburgers and apples. Right now its just maintenance....whatever sounds good, I am eating. The highlight of my weekend was a bacon egg and cheese ciabatta from Panera (I'm still dreaming about that!).

**Weird dream: I dreamed that I accidentally flashed everyone at church. Definitely weird, but maybe I have breastfeeding on the brain.

One week until I have my doctor's visit! I am so excited to get some assurance that everything is going well. I go back and forth whether or not I want to just go ahead and tell people, but I really want Brooklyn to be the first person we tell (and I just really want to do that when I hear a heartbeat and it's a little more "real.").

Week 9 (March 29+):
It's here! Week 9 has arrived, and I went to the doctor on Monday with Chad and Brooklyn. I picked her up from school, and in the car, mentioned that we were visiting Mommy's doctor and that we were gonna check to see if there was a baby in my belly. Brooklyn was pretty chill about the whole thing (and was excited that I let her have chocolate on her ice cream from McDonald's). She KNEW it was a special day. :-) We waited for an hour to see the doctor, and because we had Brooklyn with us, they let us go in for a special "sneak peak" ultrasound. At the ultrasound we saw the little *grape* with its two arms and two legs swimming around. It also had a very strong heartbeat of 175. Yay baby!

Brooklyn has decided that if it's a girl we are naming it "Big Allie" (after her god-sister) and if it's a boy, we will name it "Daddy." We'll revisit those later. :-)

We left the doctor and headed to Chad's parents to share the news. I, unfortunately, had to work that night, but after work, I met Chad and Brooklyn at MY parents' house to tell them. Brooklyn did a great job telling all the grandparents, and I think everyone was pretty surprised. We made some calls, and then headed home, happy and excited.

I told my co-workers on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning my Facebook page has "blown up" with the news. So, it's officially out, and now I can snack away happily at my desk and not just look like a fatty.

The nausea is about the same. I have tried to avoid cheeseburgers and leaned more towards fruit cups and apples, but the real thrills for me this week have been baked chips with ranch dip and ramen noodles. I also think I am gonna try a "sea band" bracelet for motion sickness...several women on my message board have recommended that for all day nausea.

Brooklyn said the sweetest thing last night to us. She said "I think the baby can sleep in my bed since we don't have a crib for it." And I said "With you?" And she said "No, I'll sleep on the floor beside her." That almost made me cry, because I have been so worried about her reaction, and just in 48 hours, she has been so excited and supportive. This baby is so lucky to have the best big sister!

Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes, prayers, and congrats. It has meant a lot, and I hope you continue to pray for all of us as we charter these preggo-waters once again!

Much love to you all!

Daddy Daughter Dance

Lots of posts today, but this one is my favorite. :-)

On Saturday night, our church held its first ever Daddy-Daughter Dance. We all dressed up and attended with our "daddies" that evening, and it was such a great night. The little girls had a great time dressing up and dancing all night (and the bigger girls enjoyed watching). All the daddies were so proud and handsome, too.

Brooklyn and Daddy
Nanny and her Daddy (Great Grandpa)

Mommy and her Daddy (Grandpa)

Pinning Brooklyn's corsage

Zoe and her Daddy, Luke

Zoe, Allie, and Brooklyn in the picture booth

New Hairstyles

I never thought I would see the day (with such a bald baby) that I would be able to "style" my daughter's hair. Two of Brooklyn's current favorite styles are the french braid...

...And the waves that the braid makes when you take it out. :-)

Brooklyn's Birthday Bonanza!

Brooklyn's Birthday Week festivities continued after we held her "family party" on Sunday, February 22nd. On Tuesday (her actual birthday), Nanny picked her up from school and took her to Celebration Station. Then, she came home and opened presents from Chad and myself. She loved the Color Wonders and the apron we gave her, but her favorite present was definitely the big girl bicycle and pink helmet!

She has since decided that we have an indoor track and rides her bike around the downstairs every day. :-)
The following Saturday we held her "friends party" at the Greensboro Childrens' Museum. She had a great time with 13 friends and her Disney Princess Cake.

Playing with Daddy...
Eating her pizza lunch and, of course, cheese doodles....

It's been a busy time for us as a family....more posts coming!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Way Back When-esday!

Year: 2005
Age: About two weeks old
*She loved that papasan swing for about two more weeks, and then she would have nothing to do with it. :-)

Year: 2006
Age: 1 year (and a week or so)
*Chicken nuggets quickly became a favorite food of Brooklyn's (along with french toast sticks).

Year: 2007
Age: 2 years (and a week or two)
*This was one of the last pictures of Brooklyn with a paci in the went to just sleep time shortly after this picture was taken.

No pictures from 2008- so sad!

Brooklyn's birthday pictures from this weekend will come later, but I can't ignore that today is Way Back When-esday! :-)


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