Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Weekend Away...with a 10K thrown in there.

We are settling in to a "new normal." Honestly, it seems weird posting about anything "normal" or even "happy." But while my heart is still broken and I still hurt so much for my family and myself, that's not who I am. It's not who my family is. We are strong. We are believers. We are survivors.

So, while the last three weeks have been both a blur and a time warp, and time even before that seems like another world away, I will continue blogging. I'll continue to talk about what we do on the weekends, what makes me happy, what keeps me fit, and what's cooking from Pinterest.

For scrapbooking/journaling purposes, I may have to sneak in a February/March update later on, but for now, I am looking forward (well, actually semi-backward since I am posting about this past weekend). :-)

Chad and I decided to keep our plans that we had made about 6 months ago to spend the weekend in Charleston and run in the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K. It was a nice weekend away with friends from Heart in Sol, kid-less and essentially responsibility-less (is that even a word?).

We stayed in the Home2 suites by Hilton. About 2 years old, this hotel was not only super cute but also very conveniently located to the Race Expo, Shuttle Bus Station, and Outlets.

We arrived Friday afternoon and ate dinner with friends at Edmund's Oast Brew Pub, where I ate pretty much everything on the menu and enjoyed a Peanut Butter and Jelly beer. (Though it was only 4 oz, those who know me should be impressed that I even had a beer. But come on, folks. Peanut Butter and Jelly? Why not?!)

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early at 5:15am (and wondering why on earth I would PAY someone to have to get up this early). Several of us met in the hotel lobby to catch the bus together to Mt. Pleasant where the race started.

All smiles....I think at this point we had been up about 2.5 hours and already walked about 2 miles, but excited nonethelesso get the race started.

It was a fairly easy run for us. We had trained somewhat before the race so the distance was not an issue. The addition of a 2 mile bridge was definitely different, plus the bobbing and weaving around 31,000 other people was a bit challenging, but I was pretty happy with our results.

We were home by around 10:30am, showered, and then headed back out to downtown Charleston where we walked down the Riverfront, ate lunch at Southend Brewery and Smokehouse, walked through the Market, and then wound up at Holy City Brewing, (see a theme here?) where the guys had more beer, and I just enjoyed sitting and relaxing in the breezy 70 degree weather.

Holy City was so neat. It was a converted garage turned tasting room/bar. In 106 degree July, it may  not be quite as pleasant, but on this April Saturday, it was perfect.

I snuck in a 20 minute power nap back at the hotel and we ended the evening at Charleston Crab House in James Island for dinner.

It truly was a great weekend. We laughed and relaxed. We ran and walked. We ate and drank. Oh, did we eat and drink...

The race itself was amazing. I can't say enough how well organized it all was and how the city of Charleston really prepares itself for the crowds.

We will definitely be going back and doing it again.

March 28, 2015 to be exact.

Here are a few pictures I snagged from the race's Facebook page. Simply amazing.


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