Thursday, June 12, 2008

america the beautiful...

So, only in America can someone PAY you $35 to sample Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Several years ago I got involved with Bellemy Research, so they call me from time to time, ask me a few questions, and if I answer them "correctly" I go in for research studies. I have stuck my head in boxes and smelled tobacco, reviewed community websites, and now, I have sampled KK doughnuts. This was by far the easiest. :-) I think they are wanting to introduce a new glazed doughnut, maybe something a bit less fattening or carb loaded. I don't know, but the ones that I tasted had that kind of "stale, dry, good for you" taste that says "REDUCED something." But hey, it was still a doughnut and didn't make me gag, so it was a $35 easily earned.

Now, I can put 1/2 tank of gas in my car.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

when I grow up...

So, last week, Brooklyn's school started "Summer Camp." Now, this is somewhat of a joke, because she goes there year round and really nothing changes during the summer. BUT, some smart guy at the school said "Hey, let's start a summer camp, charge parents $30, and make them feel guilty if they don't pay because the kid will be there anyway and will be left out." So, obviously, I paid my $30. So far it's gotten me (well, Brooklyn), a visit from a dietician (to which Brooklyn comes home and tells me that we don't eat anything that comes out of our bottoms. Gross, I know! Her teacher assured me that this did not come from the dietician, but Brooklyn derived this from her own logic), a "cookie decorating class," a visit from Flame- the Fire Safety Clown, and a lime green t-shirt that's cute, but I think was designed by one of the 5 year olds. And that's just one and a half I may be impressed where my $30 gets me (er, Brooklyn) by the end of the summer. Today, she was supposed to come dressed as what she wants to be when she grows up. What three year old do you know has made this type of life discovery? I asked Brooklyn this morning, and she said "I don't want breakfast." My point exactly. So, we went searching through her closet for something to wear (UNC shirt- well, that's a given, a Greensboro Grasshoppers t-shirt- maybe another day, dresses/skorts- no different than any average Wednesday) and found this Mets Cheerleading Outfit.'s really cute, she has no other reason to wear it, Grandpa's a fan, and she was super excited about it so there were no early morning clothes fights. Sold. So, I am now declaring that when Brooklyn grows up, she would like to be the captain of the very first New York Mets Cheerleading Team. Take that Village Kids.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

shameless plug...again

I know it seems like I am beating a dead horse here, but really folks, you should buy Brendan James's album "The Day Is Brave" on, iTunes, or in your local music store. He hit #5 on the iTunes Pop Chart last week and he is SO close to breaking through onto the Billboard list. won't be disappointed....really.....

We saw Brendan in Chapel Hill last night...Chad and I got a date night (thanks mom and dad!). It's always so great to see "Brendan-the friend" and not just "Brendan-the musician." The venue was small and we were early, so that gave us some precious moments to catch up. We're so proud of him and often think back to the days in my Village apartment in Carrboro where we would say "One day, after college graduation, we will reach our dreams....Brendan, you will be a famous recording artist, and Chad and I will have the family we have always wanted." It's nice to see both dreams have become a reality.

God is good.


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