Wednesday, December 9, 2015

November Update: #splitaplatelosesomeweight

This post should definitely not be 9 days late due to the fact that I have NOTHING to report for November. While October was definitely overindulgent, November was the exact opposite. We ate out/got take out three times- Moe's, Hops Burger Bar, and Elizabeth's Pizza, but those meals were for Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and our November freebie. So, no #splitaplatemeals this month (which I guess for waistline and budget is a good thing when you limit those meals out).

We did both realize, though, that we cannot at all believe we are in our final month of 2015. It's crazy to think we've been on this plan for 11 months now. While it never quite trended on Instagram (ha!) and I can't say it was a great "weight loss technique," it has definitely affected the way we eat out and approach food permanently.

Here's to one more "official" month of #splitaplatelosesomeweight!


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