Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Way Back Whenesday!

It's hard to believe that this sweet "Future Girl Scout" at 6 months... getting ready to start her second year as a Daisy Girl Scout!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The kind of note I like to get...

Normally we get these types of notes with Jake:
"Jake was running in [name of location in school] and fell. He hurt his [name random body part here]."
"Jake was playing beside a friend and got bit on the [name body part here]."
"Jake was climbing on [name of furniture in classroom] and fell and hurt his [name body part here]."

You get the idea.

So, imagine my surprise when I got this note Monday afternoon:
He did WHAT? My 22 month old son peed on the potty? Well, color me surprised. You go, kid.

Now, when it happens again, we'll talk.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Fun and Fellowship

On Saturday, our church held its first Community Celebration in honor of our new worship space & education wing and to kick off the new year. It was a lot of fun!

The Mayor was even there to cut the ribbon.
I was so proud of Allie for cozy-ing up to a "costumed character." This was a big deal!

There was facepainting and tattoos...

And a cake walk...

And a huge inflatable slide...

And a Nanny! :-)

Both kids had a blast! Kudos to the planning committee. They really did a fantastic job!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Slow Cooker Sunday: Tangy Pork Roast

Ok, so Chad made another "hubby declaration" tonight. This was, by far, after Crock Pot Lasagna, his FAVORITE meal I have made so far. That's huge. :-)

I paired it with instant garlic mashed potatoes. Yum!

Tangy Pork Roast


2.5 pound pork roast

1 small onion, sliced

1/2 green pepper, sliced

1 cup of hot water

3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

1/4 cup white sugar

1 tablespoon of ketchup

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of pepper

1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 dash of hot pepper sauce


1. Slice onion and pepper and layer in the bottom of the slow cooker.

2. Lay the meat down on top of the onion and pepper.

3. Mix all the remaining ingredients in a bowl, and then pour on top of the roast and onion.

4. Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours or high 3-4 hours.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Running Advice from a Non-Runner

(We interrupt this blog post for a shameless plug advertising the Girl Scouts Thin Mint Sprint 5K on Saturday, September 10th!)

So, I have probably ran about 15 times in my life, and the last 10 times have been in the last month or so. I am probably the person voted "least likely to run" so I figured if I can do it (and somewhat enjoy it), then it might help those of you out there going ""

So, here we go. My advice to those of you who are considering taking the big, stride?

1. Only run in perfect weather conditions. Too hot, too cold, too sunny, or too windy are unacceptable conditions and not conducive to a good running experience.

Oh, what's that you say? You live in NC? Or anywhere in the world pretty much except for Los Angeles, California? Oh, you can't count on perfect weather conditions? Well, then at least try and do it first thing in the morning before it gets too hot during the summer or invest in a treadmill. Unfortunately, you will probably going to be running 95% of the time in non-optimal weather, so you just might wanna get used to it.

2. Wear the most expensive, cutest, trendiest clothes when running. I mean, if you hate it, at least you look good doing it.

What? You don't have tons of expendable income? You shop at Target and Kohls? Well, me too. However, I do have one good sports bra, a pair of shorts that eliminate uncomfortableness between the thighs, and some sleeveless tanks. And I do laundry often.

3. Buy top of the line running shoes. Check and see what celebrity endorses what product and Just Do It.

Ok, this is kinda true. I need to take my own advice and buy a new pair of shoes since the ones I am running in now I have had since the Clinton administration. I think my shins and ankles will thank me for that small financial sacrifice. Maybe you don't need $200 shoes, but those of my friends who do run often and long distances do make the sacrifice and buy a good shoe. I love my New Balances so I will probably stick with those. Just maybe some that were made in this decade.

4. Music is Key. Good Tunes = Good Pace

Ok, so when my iPod is rockin to some Pink, Lady Gaga, or Glee Journey Covers, I get into my happy place and can keep the pace. When the shuffle fails me and I land on some Fleetwood Mac "Landslide," however, I tend to slow down and ponder for 3 minutes and 45 seconds just how out of shape I am. Now, I love me some Stevie Nicks or a great ballad, but not when I am trying to make my way home before dark. So, to alleviate this issue, I programmed a play list in my iPod for running that ensures I only get upbeat, motivational music.

And finally...

5. Be proud of yourself no matter what.

No jokes here. Straight up. Whether you are going from sitting on the couch to walking 10 minutes or from running a mile to running a marathon, be proud of your accomplishments! I seriously have never ran more than a mile before I started and that was in high school when they make you do the PE test and I probably wogged the majority of it. I ran 5 minutes straight a few weeks ago and when I didn't die or get struck by lightning, I thought "hmmmmm." So, then I ran for a bit longer and then longer still. I am up to running about 1.75 miles straight and though I probably won't be running the entire Thin Mint Sprint 5K, I will be proud of what I do run.

And a bonus pic for you for hanging in and reading this blog post. Here's an all-natural pic for you....unwashed hair, no makeup, baby belly gut, and sweaty from a 33 minute run-walk.

Just so you know I am all talk with a bit of action. :-)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slow Cooker Sunday: Crockpot Chicken Supreme

I went out on a limb this week and did two things: (1) tried something completely random off a website and (2) chose a recipe with an "extra" step that I had to do once home from church. Since the extra step involved bacon and melted cheese, all was forgiven. :-) I served the chicken with a side of Steamfresh brown rice, and we loved it.

Crockpot Chicken Supreme


6 boneless chicken breasts

5 slices of bacon

4 oz. jar of mushrooms, drained

1 can cream of chicken soup

2 cups shredded Swiss or Havarti cheese


1. In large skillet, cook bacon until crisp. Remove bacon, lay on paper towel to dry, crumble, and set aside in fridge.

2. In same skillet (and bacon drippings), brown the chicken 4-5 minutes, turning once.

3. Remove chicken and lay in bottom of crock pot.

4. Cover with mushrooms.

5. Heat cream of chicken soup in skillet and then pour over chicken and mushrooms.

6. Cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours.

7. Before serving, sprinkle cheese over chicken and cover with bacon. Cover and cook on high 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Day Shots

Nothing like waiting until the last day to try some family pictures....

Molly and Jennifer, we need some help. :-)

Thanks, Jerri, for the precious t-shirts for the kids!

And a special thank you to Nanny and Grandpa for such a wonderful and memorable beach vacation! Can't wait until next year. :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Beginning

Today is Brooklyn's 1st day of First Grade! Though I know she was a bit nervous this morning, I also could tell she was very excited.

I think the iCarly backpack gives her a bit of confidence. :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Re-Cap: The Pool

Ok, so this is where we REALLY lucked out. Up until this week, Jake has NOT enjoyed the pool. He actually would cry if he ever saw anyone jump in and we could not even convince him to put toes in.

But maybe it was luck. Or the fact that his big sister is such a rock star in the pool now. But either way, we were so excited when Jake wanted to do this:

Woo hoo!!! We were so excited and Jake was so cute on the edge of the pool yelling, "One Two WEEEEEEEE!"

And Brooklyn really built on her swimming skills, swimming under water in 3 feet, and on top of the water in 5 feet. We were so proud of her!

And I played with the "Sports/Action" setting on my camera. :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Re-Cap: The Beach

Chad and I went into the beach trip this year saying, "This could totally go either way." Jake is so crazy and fun and fearless in some ways, but every once in a while, he'll get totally freaked out.

By a hedge trimmer.
Or an electric meat slicer.
Or a hair dryer.

But luckily, he LOVED the "shund" (sand), "sheals" (shells), and "bich" (beach).

And Brooklyn, not to be outdone by her brother, tried new things as well. She loved using her kickboard and then later in the week, her new boogie board from Aunt Patty and Uncle Bill.

Jake loved spending time with "Ah-Bill" (Uncle Bill). (Early in the week they had similar farmer's tans. ha ha!)

And Brooklyn LOVED special time with Aunt Patty.

We even had an easy time carting all our stuff to the beach thanks to the stroller and wagon.

And that $3 tub I raved about last week. :-)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I've Got Rhythm..."

This afternoon, the [super awesome, way understanding] hubby and I went to our first movie since Titanic hit the theaters.

Well, it hasn't been quite that long but you get the idea how often this happens.

We saw GLEE The 3D Concert Movie.

I LOVED this movie. I am not a huge fan of 3D but it really added something special to the movie and as goofy as it sounds, you actually felt like you were at the concert. I was sooooo sad that the Glee Tour didn't come anywhere near NC so this movie was a great way to get a pseudo- experience.

So, I know there are many Glee fans out there (holla, Gleeks!), but why do I have such a special place in my heart- and somewhat obsession- with this show?

Let's take a look at my past, shall we?

Look familiar?

Yes, when I was in high school, I was a member of New Directions- er, Rhythm & Rhapsody :-). For three years, I basically got to live out my dream of singing and dancing show tunes and a few pop hits on a stage in front of my family, friends, teachers, and peers.

And I loved every second of it.

Rhythm & Rhapsody was Glee before Glee even knew it was Glee.

R&R was Glee before half the fans of Glee were even born.

What I am saying is, R&R came first. :-)

And we knew we were cool.

Led by the super talented, warm & nurturing, hilarious teacher, Angela Howard, R&R was a Ragsdale High School phenomenon. And we were a family. We laughed together, we cried together, and we sang together. Christmas shows in nursing homes and churches, competitions, the annual "Celebration," and class trips to Disney World. We did it all. My high school experience would have been completely different without R&R. Having a dance background, I was given many opportunities to choreograph our routines. That was such a blessing to me, and I found it such a honor when Mrs H continued to ask me to help with future performances and musicals even after I graduated.

My best friend, Katie, and I shared the stage many times...
OK, we were cool. But the outfits? Not so much. :-)

I sang my first and only solo as a Senior in our annual "Celebration" performance.

[Journey to the Past from Anastasia]

And just for fun, here's a pic from one of our Disney trips- featuring a few of my fellow bloggers. :-)

So, here's a little blast from MY past for y'all today. Definitely happy memories that I look back on often.

And now when you watch Glee, you can think of me. :-)

Slow Cooker Sunday: A Great Repeat

Having just come back from the beach and groceries are limited, we opted for one of our favorite simple crock pot meals tonight- Macaroni and Cheese.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home after a great week at Ocean Isle Beach. I just love this annual beach week with my family.

While I get my pics loaded and thoughts organized, here is a little of what we did this week...

Lots of sun...but just a little sitting
Trying to keep Jake out of the lagoon with the turtles

Playing in the sand

Attempts at family photos

And tons of snuggles with Nanny :-)


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