Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Re-Cap: The Pool

Ok, so this is where we REALLY lucked out. Up until this week, Jake has NOT enjoyed the pool. He actually would cry if he ever saw anyone jump in and we could not even convince him to put toes in.

But maybe it was luck. Or the fact that his big sister is such a rock star in the pool now. But either way, we were so excited when Jake wanted to do this:

Woo hoo!!! We were so excited and Jake was so cute on the edge of the pool yelling, "One Two WEEEEEEEE!"

And Brooklyn really built on her swimming skills, swimming under water in 3 feet, and on top of the water in 5 feet. We were so proud of her!

And I played with the "Sports/Action" setting on my camera. :-)

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