Sunday, August 7, 2011

The difference between Kid #1 and Kid #2

Kid #1 (aka The Firstborn):

Inflatable pool, brand new, for both interior...

...and exterior use.

Kid #2:

The $3 plastic storage bin

Perhaps a wee bit redneck, but let me tell you this...ALL the adults actually sat down on the beach AT.THE.SAME.TIME while the children played for HOURS.

Those of you with small children can be a jealous for a quick second.

I was in complete heaven.

And a bit of utter shock and disbelief.

Slap a dolphin and a sun decal on the sides of one of those babies, and I think we just invented the hottest new must-have beach accessory.


Joni said...

That just made me LOL!!! Thanks!!

Aunt Jenni said...

It is double duty...take all your stuff down to the beach and then Jake has his own big bucket of water to play in. When done for the day pack it up when ready to go. Love it! Start marketing it Jaclyn!


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