Monday, September 22, 2008

the band continued...

While I'm on the subject, Grace Reigns Down is looking for a few things:
(1) A photographer for some "press photos" (You can be amateur, not a problem, just willing to take some pics of us-at a CHEAP (if not free) price).
(2) More venues- Do you have a youth group at your church or a youth event coming up? Or even a church/family picnic where you need some entertainment? We would love to come play for you!

For more info on the band or to contact us, visit our website: And become a friend while you are there!

we are...

The band is really taking off.....I mean, crazy how much it's taking off. Many of you may say "You're in a band? How did that happen?" Well, we started Grace Reigns Down as just a "worship music team" at our church's 6:30pm Shout service. Jason started playing drums for us as a Confirmation project, and he just stuck around. :-) In 2005, Chad and I were expecting Brooklyn and needed some extra peeps to help with the worship leading once our precious baby arrived. So, we asked a nice couple, Luke and Emily, who had been coming to the service and mentioned that they were musical, to fill in for us once and a while. (Chad and Emily actually knew each other casually from UNCG, so we had some common ground.) Then, they knew a bass player, Brandon, and invited him to join in. Once we realized how we all just "clicked," we went from a "let's see who shows up to play Sunday night" group to "let's actually offer some consistancy and play every week" band. That was over two years ago. We had Brooklyn, Luke and Emily had Zoe, and we recorded our first Grace Reigns Down album in the winter of 2006-2007. Once we had an album, we started trying to play some shows in the community and get the word out. Since then, we have played various venues around the state, from Oak Hollow Mall in High Point, a coffee shop in Summerfield, a community church in Eden, and Emily's hometown church in Rutherford County (just to name a few). It's great to be out in the community sharing our music and meeting people. We just have a love of sharing God's word with others through our music, and we have a great time just "being" together. We have eight original songs and know tons of Christian cover songs. It's so much fun, and being on stage often takes me back to my "Rhythm and Rhapsody" days at Ragsdale High School. Those lessons in stage presence have paid off! :-) God has truly blessed our group, and we are excited about all that is yet to come. Next stop for GRD? The Greensboro CROP Walk. We will be featured on their city stage in downstown Greensboro, playing a 45 minute set at the conclusion of the CROP Walk. We are so stoked and can't wait to play to this size crowd. What an awesome blessing for us, and for now, we are just enjoying the ride!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more house updates...

Here's Brooklyn sitting on the kitchen counter in our new's proof that yes, we are actually moved in, but I have yet to clean up a room enough to take a nice picture to post. :-)

Some updates to my post "Late Night Ramblings"...
Things I will miss about Eagle Road:
It's our first home: Well, it does hold, and will always hold, a special place in my heart, but as I stated's just a house.
Brooklyn's first (and only home): She made many memories in that house, and I look forward to the many will be make together here at the new house.
The backyard: We have a great backyard here- thank goodness!
My gardenias: Seriously, I am kind of over them already. Sadly, I never did have a green thumb. Vaccuming: I have found that I can vaccum the new house using two plugs, so that's not too bad.
The hole: Dad and I looked, and although we don't have a wall where we can make another hole, the space is open enough, I think we will be OK. :-)
The Stevensons: We will always miss you guys!

And now an update on things I had looked forward to at the new house:
Duel sinks in the master bath: Honestly, the duel sinks are not that great (more to clean) but the COUNTER SPACE is incredible in the master bath!
Cool sink nozzle/sprayer in the kitchen: Yup, love it!
Hardwood floors: Spills have been great to clean up downstairs (no stains on the carpet upstairs yet!)
A place to have a big Christmas tree (in the LIVING ROOM): Yet to be determined since, thankfully, I have a few weeks until the holiday season
New carpet and paint upstairs (that I didn't have to do!): Some rooms I like, some not so much now that we are moved in with our stuff (like the master bedroom)
Side by side fridge with an ice maker (that's connected!): Once I figure out the best way to store food efficiently, it will be great.
Retractable, remote controlled awning on the patio (cement, not brick- yay!): We've already spent a lot of time outdoors and that extra shade has been nice.
Neighbors with kids (three years old, too!): We met Peyton, a three year old, next door- VERY cute and friendly!
A dutch barn (as opposed to the "out house" looking contraption we call storage now): Already filled with crap; I'm gonna have to get in there and clean!
A bonus room (or as Brooklyn calls it, "her dancing space"): Been a GOD SEND for all her toys
CLOSETS: Like the dutch barn- already filled up but up for a good cleaning out when I get the chance (or when we move again, whichever comes first)
A breakfast table (more chairs for everyone!): We LOVE our new table from World Market.
Surround sound: Not hooked up yet; Probably will never be

So, that's a quick house update...I promise to post pics soon.

In other news, we had a GREAT Saturday with my girlfriends from UNC and their sig others. To celebrate Loryn's birthday we went to Chateau Morisette winery in Floyd, VA for the day. It was a day of eating, drinking, laughing, and sitting! It was a wonderful day and I should have more pics to post soon, but here is one at the end of the day.
McKenzie, Jaclyn, Loryn, Heidi, and Jennifer (Marisa had left at this point but I think I will have a pic of the six of us soon.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

We're still here!

It's been quite a week and a half (and feels like a year!). It's been 5 days with no cable, phone, and internet (quite refreshing actually!). It's been countless trips to Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Linens -n- Things, Babies R Us, American Furniture Warehouse, World Market, and Pier 1 (and I'm still not done).

But...we are moved in to our new house!!!

More updates later, but we are loving it and can't wait to share stories and pictures soon.


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