Friday, June 25, 2010

ahhhh, how quickly you forget... something so little and cute requires so much stuff to pack for vacations?

Let me know if I have forgotten anything...

Beach Items:
o beach sheet
o beach toys
o beach tent
o 3 beach chairs
o cooler

o 1 set queen sheets
o 1 set double sheets
o bath towels
o hand towels
o washcloths
o beach towels
o pack and play sheets

o 4 bottles
o bottle drying rack
o baby spoons
o sanitizer bags
o dishwasher basket
o dishwashing liquid
o hand soap
o paper towels
o Ziploc baggies
o snacks
o breast milk
o baby food
o high chair
o Breast pump
o pump supplies
o milk storage bags
o sharpie
o bottled water
o bibs
o Tide

Kids Misc:
o Pacis
o baby pool
o pack and play
o Boppy
o toys
o activities
o 2 fans
o swim diapers
o diapers
o wipes
o DVD player
o DVD's
o Bed rail

o flip flops
o tennis shoes
o bathing suits
o hats
o clothes
o pajamas
o underwear
o socks
o cover ups

o sunscreen
o shampoo
o bar of soap
o body wash
o deodorant
o aloe
o bug spray
o Amoxicillin
o Tylenol (adults & kids)
o Zyrtek
o Toilet paper
o Tissues
o blow dryer
o razor
o shave cream

o computer
o cell phone chargers
o stroller
o camera


Anonymous said...

Wow!! After reading this...I am never taking my child to the beach!!! You are amazing Jaclyn!!! - Joni

Elizabeth LeConey said...

Awesome! I'm using this list in 2 weeks when we go to the beach for a week!

Cheryl Lage said...

PRICELESS! (and too funny...isn't truth always funnier than fiction?)

Have a great trip!


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