Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Day 74...So do I have 6-pack abs now?

And other P-90x related Q and A's.

Q: So, Jaclyn, why have you waited so long to post an update on your P90x journey? Are you holding out so the suspense mounts and there is a huge reveal at the end?
A: Well, it's hard to say. I guess in the beginning, I was hoping there would be a HUGE reveal at the end (I even took a "before" pic.). Then when I decided that I did want to post some regular updates on my progress, I realized that I had absolutely no extra time during the day and so those posts never came to be.

Q: How much weight have you lost?
A: Well, this was the funny thing. We started Season 3 Biggest Loser at work so I thought, "awesome. this will be great to encourage me to get that bikini bod." What had happened instead was that my body went into some sort of complete shock over the muscle training, and I successfully gained and lost the same 2 pounds over and over for 13 weeks. Actually, I ended the season 0.5 pounds lighter. Whoopee. It was probably due to a big bathroom break right before the weigh in.

Q: What have been the physical changes you have seen?
A: Ok, so this has been the exciting thing. I have probably not seen arm muscle definition in about 15 years when I took 1 year of weightlighting as a high school senior. I am definitely seeing my triceps, biceps, and a bit of shoulder definition. I think my back fat has decreased, too, which is always exciting for women since no one likes back boobs.

Q: What about the changes you CAN'T see?
A: I feel the best I have since college. Exercise has become a part of my daily life- instead of my monthly life. For everyone who says "I just don't have another hour in my day" (which I have said TONS of times), it's just not true. You have to shift and re-prioritize and maybe eat dinner a little later or maybe eat lunch at your desk so you can leave work a bit early, but it can happen.

Q: So, what happens in 16 days when you "graduate?"
A: Well, that's a good question. We have kinda been holding the P90 DVD's hostage and they belong to a friend so the plan is to return them. But I may try to burn my favorites and have them for future use. I think I am going to look at Pinterest and see what kind of workouts and plans are out there. I think part of the reason why I have been successful (relatively speaking) with this program is that it is so structured. There is a beginning and an end. There are worksheets. And I like to check things off.

Q: Worksheets? What's up with the worksheets?
A: I resisted the worksheets at first. I was so overwhelmed with that first workout that the thought of writing something down was too much. But then I realized that you really could see how far you have come week by week and keep track of what weights you use with each exercise.

Q: Speaking of that first did that work out for you?
A: Oh my Lord. I have never wanted to vomit after a workout before. This was the hardest, most torturing experience I have ever been through. I swear I thought Bob Harper was going to jump out of my pantry. The next day I couldn't sit up without assistance. I swear I could move faster after my c-sections. Which further emphasized to me that I had absolutely no stomach muscles to work with and I was starting from scratch.

Q: So how are those stomach muscles now?
A: Well, sadly no 6 pack for the summer, but I do see a slight bit of definition in my obliques. I have to be honest with myself and had I paired a diet of fish, carrot sticks, and banana smoothies instead of hamburgers, tator tots, and Walmart cake, I may be a bit more "bikini ready" than I am today. :-)

Q: Anything else you have discovered the last 74 days?
A: That I LOVE Zumba. And when P90 is done, I'll still have 13 more classes on my punchcard. That gets me doing physical activity through June. So, now I need a plan for July.

Off to browse Pinterest!

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