Saturday, September 15, 2012

Should I even bother with an excuse?

At this point I'm sure you are all like "whatever."

I got random ADD around this blog the past few weeks- meaning everytime I sat down to do something I was all like, "oh, instagram." or "Wait, there's a Honey Boo Boo I still need to watch."

Yeah, no good excuses. Just excuses.

But anyways, from Labor Day on things have been busy.

Did another closet purge and trip to Goodwill. There truly is no going back to fatter clothes now. They are gone.

Then, I did the easiest.pinterest.project.ever and organized the tshirts that I did keep.

Are you all just truly entertained now? Edge of your seat kinda excitement going on here, folks.

Lots of snuggles, though, which is never a bad thing.

I got mad at my elliptical because it was squeaking so dang loud... on a whim I went out and bought a treadmill.

Love at first sight.

Jake spent some quality time with his Yo Gabba Gabba Pablo.

And tossed back a few cold ones.

Brooklyn and I are dealing with her being 2nd grade. And moody.

And when we are not looking, she's making the little sister she always wanted.

But the biggest news is that...oh wait, is that a new Honey Boo Boo.......

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