Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Party 3.1

I must be in denial over Jake turning three on Friday.

Or just plain busy this time of year.

Last Thursday, after a (calling it lightly) crazy week at work, I realized I had scheduled a "friend" party for Jake for the next night at the Children's Museum. It's such a great place to host a party (we had Brooklyn's #2&3 there) and requires no entertainment planning.

But I still ran around like a headless chicken getting ready for it. But it was all worth it.

Jake had a great time with his Shout church family, his future Carolina classmates, and a few preschool friends.

He chose a Yo Gabba Gabba cake this year. :-)

Finally! A kid who lets people sing Happy birthday to them!

Showing Nanny and Callie his cake...

Three! Holla!

Proof that Brooklyn and I were there :-)

Stay tuned for another weekend of celebrating my baby boy.

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