Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brooklyn is 9!

Brooklyn is 9.
And has an iPod touch thanks to Santa.

I do review her iPod regularly to make sure all is well, I know all her contacts, and her text conversations are staying Girl Scout- and Christian-like. (3rd grade girls can be mean, y'all.)

In my latest review, I found these awesome selfies, so I thought I would share as Brooklyn and I write this post together.

For our commeration purposes, here is Brooklyn at 9 years old.

Favorite Food: pasta
Favorite Drink: orange crush

Favorite TV show: the suite life on deck
Favorite Movie: frozen

Favorite vacation: beach
Favorite sport: well i dont have really have a favorite sport

What annoys her: my brother
What excites her: going on vaca

Favorite restaurant: golden corral
Favorite activity: coloring

Best Friends: avery,sophie,leah,ashley,zoe,allie k,allie h,callie
Favorite school subject: math

Favorite color: blue
Favorite clothes: dress

Favorite song: love is an open door from frozen
Favorite holiday: christmas
So, there's your snapshot of B at 9.
More birthday posts coming soon....this no power thing kinda puts a crimp on the weekend.

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