Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bader Beach Vacation July 19-26

School's back in session now, so what does that mean?

It means I better catch up on my summer blogging before it's all a distant memory.


Late July, we took our annual beach week vacation to Ocean Isle Beach with my side of the family. We look forward to these beach weeks so much and are so blessed to have been doing this unfailingly for 10 years now.

The kids wasted no time putting Uncle Eric and Aunt Caroline to work...

There was a little bit of fishing.
(And I mean LITTLE.)

Lots of snuggling.

And even actual "sitting on the beach."

Swinging in the hammock.
And swimming in the pool.

Self timing with pictures.

And lots of beachin'.
(And I mean LOTS.)

Brooklyn declared Wednesday "Black Bathing Suit Day."

And of course, every day was Slushie Day.

Both kids really enjoyed riding their bikes each day, and I enjoyed the extra exercise chasing them down.

Aunt Caroline is always good for a fun random craft and fashion show.

And Aunt Caroline and Uncle Eric are definitely always good for a fun sand creature.

It's no secret that Crab Leg Night is my favorite night of the week year.

Yet it always goes by too quickly...

The kids were just so, dare I say it, EASY. They are just the best little beach people.

Maybe it's because we pumped them full of ice cream every day.

Family vacations for 10 years with this crew. Love them so much, and I already cannot wait for next July.

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