Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Wrap-Up

Last post about anything Halloween....

The Thursday before Halloween was a teacher workday for Brooklyn, so we stayed in our PJ's and carved her pumpkin.

And then the Sunday before Halloween we attended Trunk or Treat at our church. Jake said "NO LIKE COW" when I asked him to wear his cow costume. (I think he heard his father speak about how "unmanly" it was.) But he did agree to wear his fireman raincoat.

Don't ever say I am not flexible.

Brooklyn was Hannah Montana but said "NO LIKE WIG" (well, she used correct grammar but you get the idea). So, she was kinda Miley Montana, Space Princess.

Again. Flexible Mom of the Year here, folks.

There were also some great kid-friendly crafts.

Trunk or Treat really was a great time and I thought it was a perfect way to celebrate Halloween. So, on Monday when Jake still had a cough and I didn't even bother asking him about a costume and Brooklyn only wanted to go to one house, I was completely OK with it. The kids really enjoyed passing out the candy and seeing all the "choochoo treaters," as Jake called them.

Happy November, everyone!

Halloween out.

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