Friday, November 4, 2011

The Secret Life of the American Working Mom

Ok only a few of you will get that blog title, and if you do I won't tell if you don't. :-)

But, my "not so secret" secret life revolves around our Christian Rock Band.

And though we play every Sunday night, a standing gig, leading our church's evening Contempotary worship service, there isn't usually any huge breaking news to share.

Until now.

A few Saturdays ago, we had the honor and privilege of meeting one of our favorite Christian musical groups- Casting Crowns. Grammy award winning Casting Crowns.


They did a signing at Family Christian bookstore and because Emily, one of our band members, works as a manager, we not only met them, but we gave them this...

Yeah, we did a bit of self- promotion. :-)

Emily and Luke were actually with them "hosting" for the day and not only had time in the van transporting them but also ate lunch with them.

And talked about us.

A lot.

They were all really nice and agreed to listen to our CD and all took press packets back home. Who knows what will happen from it- if anything?

But it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And a great story.

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MegM said...

That is awesome!!


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