Saturday, March 3, 2012

The party of the century!

Not too many people can say they work for a 100 year old organization...

...or that part of their job includes hosting a birthday party for 4,000 people. With baby farm animals.

Today, we held a huge 100th birthday party for the Girl Scouts. Troops from all over western NC came out to celebrate, including my favorite Daisy troop. :-)

Brooklyn and her friends did a ton of things, including letter writing to the soldiers, candle making, cake and ice cream eating, making a tote bag from a tshirt, hula hooping, and animal petting.

And a little resting...

Me and my sweet girl- so lucky to have partly shared this day with her.

She has the best leaders...but I may be a bit biased. :-)

And I KNOW I am biased, but I work for the BEST staff!

Happy birthday, Girl Scouts! May you have 100 more!

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