Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post-Xmas but Pre-New Year's

This post wraps up 2013 for me.

I think.

I may go back through my iPhone photos and realized I had forgotten something. :-)

As I mentioned before, all of our family Christmas's happened prior to the 25th, so we tried to do a lot of resting on the 26th.

I was able to catch up with 4/5 of my Carolina Girls for lunch on the 26th at PF Chang's. Yummy cashew chicken + fabulous conversation + 1/5 of a Wall of Chocolate = a perfect afternoon.

On the 27th, I took Brooklyn and Allie to see Frozen. What a great movie!! I encouraged Brooklyn to download some of the songs on her iPod (yes, selfishly, because I loved them but also to start replacing the Katy Perry songs that probably are not entirely suitable for an 8 year old).

And later that evening, we enjoyed Carter Brothers BBQ and some Wii Just Dance with Eric and Caroline before they headed to visit her mom in Alabama for a few days.
It was a great period between Christmas and New Year's. Now I feel like vacation is flying a bit too fast now. SLOW DOWN, vacation. I'm not quite ready for routine and work next week.

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