Thursday, January 2, 2014

Where was I? Oh yeah, Christmas Morning!

Year to year we never quite know when we will be celebrating Christmas's with our families due to our brothers' families' schedules. This year, we actually did all of our Christmas's before the 25th so Christmas Day was pretty much Christmas finale. We were very excited for Santa to come Christmas Eve night and set out cookies and milk.
And Brooklyn made a sign.

I managed to snap one pic before we tore into the presents. :-)

And Jake was happy to see that Santa enjoyed the snack we left him.

I thought with wrapping everything individually, we could stretch our morning out. (That, and I told Brooklyn to not even think about waking me up unless there was a "7" on my clock.) The kids slept til 7:20 but I think the presents were done by 8am.

Brooklyn had made her own presents for me and Chad. Mine was this awesome cake plate with her hand print. Love it soooo much!

Jake was ecstatic to receive the "Toy Airplane" that he asked Santa for.
And the "stuffed animal that is a dog." (He was very specific in both requests.)

Chad loved his new Dr Dre headphones.
And Brooklyn was unbelievably over the top excited beyond belief that Santa brought her an iPod Touch.
It was a fabulous Christmas morning. Since the kids have been born we have made it a priority to stay at home the morning of the 25th and just "be." This also allows them to play with presents and for mom and dad to hang out in their pajama pants as long as possible. We see our entire family later that afternoon so it always turns out to be a great (and balanced) day.

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Bonnie said...

Santa must have quite a deal with Apple - Haley got a Touch too. Which meant that for the first 5 days or so after Christmas I got endless texts that just said "Hey." :)


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