Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 v.1.0

On Tuesday, December 23, we held our annual Christmas with my side of the family. While the presents are great, my kids (and us adults) consider their aunt and uncle in town for 5 days all the present we need.
A little throwback for you....ornament style.

Grandpa built Brooklyn her very own 8 foot balance beam for the backyard. She was so excited.


And definite twinsies...

Getting some Aunt La-Line love...

This year, the guys bought 75 lottery tickets to scratch off. Actually 79 to finish off that $2 ticket roll at the gas station. Spent $150 and made $71. Yep, sounds about right. No one is retiring early around here.

Jake got a cool projector thing and Uncle Eric got out the professional camera for a few minutes.

This about sums it up...just pure joy being with our family.

We were very blessed in both time together AND gifts this year. Time together as a family of 8 is priceless these days, and we cherished every one of those 5 days with my brother and sister. Thankfully, we will see them for another quick 24 hours next week.

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