Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The 15th Annual Carolina Christmas!

After Jake's rather entertaining Christmas performance (pics and video coming soon), we headed to celebrate Christmas with the "Carolina Cousins."

It's so sweet seeing all our kids play together and see how much they have grown each year...and how many more kids we add each year. :-)

11 kids this year...and all future Tarheels for sure! :-)
While I was a bit disappointed in the Harris Teeter baker's penmanship, we got the point across to the kids about the reason for the season.
And McKenzie planned this cute craft where the kids decorated ice cream cones as Christmas trees.

Later that night, we all dispersed our kids to various grandparents and headed over to Loryn's house for some adult time.
And my "adult time" involved caramel vodka, pumpkin beer, and caramel sauce.

It was a wonderful night of fabulous food, playing "guess that 90's song intro," gifting our "Favorite Things" of the year, and just laughing and being together.
While 2014 has not been an easy year for several of us, there were some that experienced great joy and celebration. We continue to pray for each other, love on each other, cry with each other, and cheer for each other. I cherish this group of friends- my Carolina girls and their hubbys- and thank God for 15 Christmas's with this family.

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