Wednesday, February 3, 2016

16th Annual Johnzler Christmas Lights Spectacular!

It's hard to believe we have been visiting the Tanglewood Festival of Lights display since 2001- when Allie was just 6 months old!

And I am pretty sure in each of the 16 years the parents were more excited than the kids.*

A fun tradition with our Godfamily that we will continue to drag bring* our kids to each and every year until we can no longer fit in our minivan. :-)

*Though I am half kidding, I will tell you that our kids do whine about the space in the backseat, how cold and hot they are, how hungry they are, and so on. We just ignore them and blast our Neil Diamond Christmas Album and threaten every year to not bring them. It does help, though, to always go after Christmas and on a weeknight. Cuts your time down in half essentially, as I cannot even imagine listening to them whine TWICE as much.

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