Monday, October 17, 2016

The Evolution of the Dining Room...

So, how about that? Two project updates in a row. :-)

Our dining room had two good things going for it when we moved in.
1. It was big enough to hold my grandmother's table and china hutch.
2. It was square. (I know, not that exciting, but I felt bad only saying one nice thing about it.)

It had several things that I knew I needed to change right away.
1. It was cream on cream. (In fact the entire house is/was cream on cream. Please, for the love of everything, don't EVER paint your walls and all your trim and all your doors the same color. All over your house. Everywhere. It makes for some long nights for future homeowners.)
2. It had carpet. (Again, for the love of everything, please don't carpet your dining room. Two meals in, and I lost biscuit crumbs and egg roll bits in that carpeted jungle. Lugging out a vacuum cleaner is not what I want to worry about after every meal. I wanna be able to sweep and go. Swiffer if I absolutely have to.)
(Pic taken from the zillow listing.)

(Pic taken from our inspection tour.)

The kids helped with the carpet removal...

Kinda. :-)

My awesome mother-in-law helped paint during the day when we were at work...

And you all know the story of the floors...

And, voila! A new dining room!

This table and hutch hold so many memories for my family, so I love that it's now traveled to three of my own homes and continues to host so many family meals.

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