Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The best way to celebrate your 30th birthday? Hold an Easter egg hunt!

You know you're a mama when the highlight of your birthday party is the Easter egg hunt for the kids. We had some friends over Friday evening to celebrate my birthday, Easter, the upcoming arrival of Baby Kyle Kinlaw....etc etc etc. Basically, we will come up with any excuse to have a steak cookout. :-) I threw together a simple egg hunt for the 5 girls, hiding 9 eggs in the yard for each of them. From Allie (age 8) to Callie (age 1), they had a blast.

Brooklyn and her only "big sister," Allie.

"Little" Allie (age 3) with her mama, Caroline, and baby Kyle (38-ish weeks).

Once Callie knew there were tootsie rolls in those eggs, she was on the hunt!

Zoe had a great time, too, and though I hate to admit it, looked adorable in her Duke sundress.

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Angela said...

Heehee - the highlight of mine was being at Disney World with Beca - and not because it was Disney but because the wonder in her eyes at seeing characters. 30 with hugs from my sweet girl (almost 2 so no real sass yet!) was one of the best birthdays ever!


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