Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Blue Ridge Wedding Weekend

What an awesome weekend in Asheville! I was just in heaven....the mountains + beautiful 70 degree weather + my WHOLE family + a fabulous mountain cabin retreat + a gorgeous wedding = a PERFECT Labor Day weekend!
Uncle Eric and Aunt Caroline flew into North Carolina to help celebrate the wedding of Chad's brother- Uncle Drew- and his new wife- Aunt Molly!
It only took Brooklyn a few minutes to get warmed up. :-)
And Eric loved squishing on Jake and his "meatball legs." Ha ha!

Jake and Brooklyn with Gramma and Pops

The WHOLE Bader family- together again!

Friday night was the wedding rehearsal...very casual and low key, so the kids just played around, and I took some pictures.

The happy, precious couple- Drew and Molly- paying close attention to the pastors and wedding director!

Practing vows with Pastor Mary...

You better pay attention, Eric and Caroline! Your turn is coming up in 10 months!

We then attended the rehearsal dinner at an awesome restaurant- the Stoney Knob Cafe. There were 4 food selections, and I was lucky enough to sample a bite of all of them. I ordered the crab cakes and the slaw that came with them had blue cheese- oh my goodness- SOOOO yummy!

My MIL and my mom decorated everything so cute!

The wedding was Saturday at 5:00pm. We got ready and headed to the Fields of Blackberry Cove around 3:45pm. Brooklyn's hair was curled so sweet in the back but I forgot to take a picture. :-(
Brooklyn, Allie and I were in charge of the guest book, programs, and the girls were "Flower Girls." Brooklyn opted not to walk down the aisle with Allie and drop petals, but she did carry her basket and walk in holding my and Chad's hand. My mom was in charge of Jake during the ceremony. :-)

The gorgeous couple!
The reception took place up the hill in an old barn/stable. It was so cute (and perfect since Molly and her girlfriends all wore cowboy boots!).

They had a live band, and Chad and Drew just couldn't resist joining the fun! I didn't get a shot of Chad singing "Ain't No Sunshine," but here's Drew tearing up the drums...with his sweet bride at his side.

I normally cannot wait to get home from vacations and get settled back into a normal routine with the kids, but I just could have stayed in my Ox Glen cabin for a few more days enjoying uninterrupted time with my family. (Thank you, AT&T for having no signal in Weaverville!)

Congrats, Drew and Molly....the fun has just begun!

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