Friday, September 17, 2010

Singer no longer has to "steal" pianos...

Some of you long time blog followers may have heard me mention this guy. I first spoke about him here in 2008...and then mentioned the drop of his first album, The Day is Brave, here.

Well, Brendan just released his second album last week, and things are going awesome for him! I went by Best Buy to pick it up and there were only two CD's left.

It's flying off the shelves and selling like crazy on iTunes! In his first week, he reached the status of #1 Singer Songwriter, was #4 for Pop Albums, and #13 in all album catagories. I read today that he hit #93 on the US Billboard 200. It's been an awesome journey for Brendan, and I am so happy for my college buddy and wedding singer.

If you want to hear what Brendan had to say on last weekend, click here.

Or just check out these pictures of two of his smallest fans....

Buy the album if you want to hear some great's only $9.99 in stores or $7.99 on iTunes. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Still not convinced? Check out some of his reviews on Wikipedia.

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