Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you think I could get on the Ellen show with these videos?

I's started. I have become one of those parents (again) that share their baby's tricks with the world. :-) But really, I just want to remember these hilarious moments in my children's lives forever..........really. :-)

Mckenzie actually posted this video first on her blog. It shows Jake (about 1 month ago) doing what he does best...defending his big sister. Ahhhhh....I hope this continues when the high school boys come a-calling at the door.

(Chad is actually just tickling Brooklyn in the background and she screams dramatically to egg Jake on.)

It has since evolved to the video below. I think now Jake realizes that Brooklyn is having fun, and he just wants to be a part of the action.

I am not even going to make excuses about the playroom...we were actually in the middle of trying to get Brooklyn to separate old toys for a yard sale, but you see how far we got. My children aren't spoiled at all, are they?

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