Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you believe me now?

Ok, blog readers! I've given you all ample opportunity to get on the Brendan James bandwagon before his career skyrockets and you can say "Oh, I knew him waaaaay before he was famous."

Brendan made his national television debut on the CBS Early Show several Saturdays ago, but I don't think even then he got as much exposure as when he was seen on the Rachael Ray show last Friday. Here's a link to his spot:

Chad and I had the opportunity to take my parents and see him perform in Charlotte last Monday night. Let me tell you, folks, I have seen Brendan many times. From a crowd of about 12 in a small bar in Chapel Hill to a full house at the Carrboro Arts Center...with his very first cheap keyboard or with a full band...Brendan never disappoints. He has always been such a true professional artist with both a dream and a down-to-earth approachable disposition that just makes you hang on every word- spoken or sung.

He's on his way to becoming a household name, but I will always remember him as the sweet guy who made me laugh in Communications class at UNC, who snuck downstairs in the music department to "borrow" the pianos, and who was such a special musical part of one of the happiest days of my life.

Chad and his "boys" on our wedding day: August 3, 2002.

(Dad, Chris Cobb, Chad, Brendan, and brother, Drew)

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Elizabeth LeConey said...

How neat that you know him and can see him grow like this! He has a great voice! I love that style!


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