Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Place Apart...

This past weekend was spent in Arden, NC- a small town right outside of Asheville at a retreat conference center called Lutheridge.

Lutheridge has been the spot for 31 family congregational retreats for our church. Chad has attended all 31, and I have attended 21. This was Brooklyn's 5th year, and obviously, Jake's first. This place is very special to all of us and our families. Chad and I marveled at how amazing it is to have attended these annual retreats as kids, high school youth, college aged, newlyweds, and now, as parents. It's a different experience every time- but always somewhat magical. So many memories each time, but probably my most special memory was after the 1997 retreat, when we returned home and 20 year old Chad called 17 year old me that Sunday evening and told me he loved me for the first time. Who could not cherish a place that helps along young love!? ha ha!

Speaking of memories, I am kicking myself for not being able to find the picture of Chad with his Grandma on his first retreat as a baby, but we were able to capture a freakingly similar picture of Jake and his Gramma. (Though I don't believe 32 years ago Chad had a paci on a clip dangling from his Target jacket.)

Here are just some random pics of the weekend...in no particular order.

A bunch of us parents hanging out while all the kids enjoy the playground in the most BEAUTIFUL fall weather.

And the kids...(Brooklyn with her friends, Avery and Madeline)
The Johnson Family (v.2010)
And the extended-Johnson family (missing an uncooperative Brooklyn who will probably be photoshopped in later)
Nanny with her two Lutheridge babies....wearing eerily similar expressions. I rarely think my kids look alike now, but this changes my mind somewhat.
Sweet baby Jake sporting his first Lutheridge sweatshirt (and what we like to call "banker hair").
All the kids loved getting golf cart rides!
My two favorite men!
And my precious girl!

Pure cuteness
Brooklyn and her best Kindergarten buddy, Avery.
Goodbye, Lutheridge! See you next Fall!


Jennifer said...

What fun! And Jaclyn, you definitely look slimmer - way to go girl! :)

McKenzie said...

oh my goodness! i thought the nilla mohawk was my favorite jake-'do, but there is a special place in my heart for that "banker hair"...


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