Friday, October 29, 2010

Jake Johnson: 1 year old/12 months/365 days!!!

Is anyone seriously as astounded as myself that this little one just celebrated his first birthday this week?

Second children must grow up faster than the firstborns because I totally don't remember Brooklyn growing up this fast.

So what's Jake been up to the past few weeks?

*MOBILITY: He started standing pretty firmly right at about 11 months....and this week he's been taking one step and lunging at me. :-) Not walking yet, but definitely on the right track. He is cruising like a champ all around the furniture and even using the walker toys a bit on carpet. No hurry, though, on the walking, Jake...STOP GROWING SO FAST! :-)

*SPEECH: The talking has really taken off this month. Words that Jake is occasionally/consistently saying: ball, bird, more, nana (for Nanny AND banana), mama, dada, Ba (Brooklyn), bye bye, and no.

*FOODS: This may come as a surprise to you, but Jake loves EVERYthing. :-) He's done with babyfood now (oh, praise Jesus!), and eats pretty much whatever we are having for dinner. Favorites include bananas, applesauce, mac and cheese, baked beans, black beans, rice, yogurt, cheerios, Gerber cheese puffs, 'Nila wafers, and most of all.....SPAGHETTI! (He loves, not so much, due to the extensive clean up it requires afterwards.)

*B-MILK: I wasn't really sure how this whole weaning process should go, but we have been dropping one feeding a week for the last 4 weeks. As of today, Jake is only nursing in the morning, but takes whole milk in a cup the rest of the day. The plan is to drop the morning feeding this weekend. He also drinks water and juice throughout the day.

*ACTIVITIES: Jake loves to wander around the upstairs but always ends up in his favorite room: Brooklyn's. She has a guitar and other musical intruments...and Jake loves banging and making noise. He also loves baths. And swinging outside. He likes to hold and throw a ball, but then he doesn't want you to roll it back...he just crawls over and gets it from you. He gets very excited when someone new walks into a room...and has a precious (yet semi-ear piercing) scream that accompanies his excitement. He loves to be read books. And sing songs (especially "Wheels on the Bus," "ABC's," "Head Shoulders Knees Toes," and "If You're Happy And You Know It"). He's continued to be a pretty laid-back kid, perfectly happy playing with toys in the floor and looking up to watch the occasional Moose A Moose on Nick Jr.

And finally, Jake's 12 month stats:

Teeth- He has had two bottom teeth since July and is finally starting to sprout the beginnings on the top two.
Clothing Size- 12-24 months (usually shirts are 18-24 months and pants are 12-18)
Diaper Size- 4
Weight- 24 pounds 11 ounces (and if you are keeping track, which I am sure you aren't :-), that is actually 1 pound and 1 ounce less than his 9 month stats- we're all trying to slim up in the Johnson house- ha ha! That's 80%.
Length- 30 3/4 inches (this is exactly the same as he was at 9 months- also 80%, so he is now perfectly proportionate)

And boy, I am kinda glad these monthly updates are done, because Jake has definitely lost interest. :-)

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