Saturday, November 6, 2010

And he said, "Let me eat cake!"

On Saturday, October 30, we held Jake's 1st birthday party with some family and friends. It was a beautiful day, and Jake had a great time (despite the beginnings of a mild fever).

I ordered Jake's cake from Walmart- a half sheet cake for "Baby's 1st Birthday" and it actually came with a 4 inch "smash cake" and candle for free. Though I am not the biggest fan of Walmart in general, I do have to say they make a pretty decent cake.

The party favors were small pumpkins that said "Thank you for coming today." I played off the orange in the cheese puffs. :-)

Only one more picture left to fill in the 12 month collage!

Jake opened presents throughout the party. He did as best as he could for a 1 year old.

In full disclosure, this was not the first time Jake has had sweets before. He has had the occasional lick of a Cool Whip spoon or ice cream cone. But, he really has not had anything like a whole piece of cake. He started off by checking it out cautiously...

Then, he decided that a spoon would be lovely...
He slowly moved to using the spoon AND his fingers...

And then he just threw caution to the wind!

And ended back up with the spoon. :-)

He just couldn't believe how lucky he was!

Jake was indeed a lucky boy! He had three special friends from the "UNC crew" to come and celebrate with him. Here are Ansley, Graham, and Cooper.

This picture cracks me up....Ansley and Jake are like "Hey.....I think I know you!"

Happy Birthday, sweet baby boy (again!). We love you so much and are so proud of what a precious almost toddler you have become in the past 12 months. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for us!

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Mollie Perez said...

I can not believe he is did this year fly by so fast! Just precious!!!


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