Friday, January 7, 2011

Next week...

Next week starts up Season 2 of my work's Biggest Loser! I am excited to get back into the weight loss saddle again after taking a few weeks "off." I am also participating in a second competition, Iron Scout, that tracks fitness over 12 weeks. I figured if I do both one will help the other and maybe I have two shots at some extra cash. :-)

And more importantly, I am excited to lose another twenty pounds. This would put me in the "normal" range for my BMI. I am encouraged in the fact that after Season 1, I went from this:
to this:So, hopefully after Season 2, I can get back to this: Game on!

(I am also posting pics of Chad to brag on his progress. It's been wonderful going through this with my partner. It helps a lot!)


MegM said...

You did such an awesome job in Season 1, but I have to tell you that you've got some competition this season! LoL
I am so excited to really commit to it this time. Besides, the more weight I lose the better I will look in my wedding dress!

Elizabeth LeConey said...

Girl, you look AWESOME!!! Our second season starts in 2 weeks! I need to do better this time!! I have about 20 lbs to lose too!

Why Momma Loves the Maxi Dress said...

You both look GREAT!!! SO proud of you, and you are inspiring me too: )


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