Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Two-Part Christmas! (that means twice the fun!)

We were lucky enough to have two Christmases with my side of the family (Part 2 came when Aunt Caroline arrived in NC after spending Christmas with her mom). Here are pictures, in no particular order, from both celebrations.

Grandpa showing Jake a picture of he and Brooklyn. And Brooklyn just tearing through presents.

The gang.

One of my favorite gifts was a LightScoop for my camera. Eric was patient and helped me most of one evening learning how to use it. :-)

One of the kids' favorite presents was their new red wagon....Brooklyn "helped" Grandpa put it together.
There are just no words to describe how funny this picture is.

My precious family.
Grace Reigns Down CD framed. :-)

And more playing with the camera's lightscoop.

Now, if Santa would just bring me a few more hours in the day to put away new clothes, practice on my camera, clean out closets, and catch up on emails, I will be good to go! :-)

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