Friday, January 14, 2011

A Very Johnzler Christmas

In all the excitement of snow and ice and Baby Silas, I completely forgot to post this final Holiday blog entry!

We did our annual Johnzler Family Christmas on January 1st this year. Presents, Tanglewood's Festival of Lights (minimal lines after Christmas, people!), and a yummy dinner at J. Butler's.

We left Jake for his first sleepover at Gramma and Pops' house since long time in the car + dinner after 7:30 does not = a happy baby. But, we may bring him next year and leave Brooklyn and Allie home, because all we heard in the car was "I'm hungry...I have to pee....I'm hungry...When is it over...I REALLY have to pee...." It was mostly Brooklyn complaining to give Allie some credit. :-)
But we had a great time, and it's something that we enjoy every year with our special God-family.

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