Friday, April 6, 2012

Firsts on the First!

Last Sunday, April 1st, Brooklyn and her Daisy troop visited the horses at Girl Scout Camp for a riding lesson.

They were so excited and played close attention to all the rules.

They learned horse care and all jumped right in to help.

While half the group was riding the trail, the other half visited the horses, pony, and miniature donkey.

Soon, it was Brooklyn's turn to ride. She was very excited at first...

And so was Mommy!!

But, once she got on, Brooklyn got very nervous with how high she was sitting. She was brave for a few minutes but then asked to get off. I was very proud of her nonetheless because she had never sat on so much of a pony before. I told her I would take her back anytime to try again.

And since it was my birthday, I got to take part in the fun, too. :-)

It was a great afternoon at camp, and I was so proud of our Daisy scouts and how well they all did.

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