Monday, April 9, 2012

Smarty Pants x2!

Don't let these little innocent, apple-eating faces fool you.

They really are quite the little stinkers.

If you didn't read on Facebook last week, here's the child logic I have been dealing with these days...

[March 31]
Overheard at the Johnson house this morning...
Me: (after seeing a cake knife sitting alone on the counter covered in cake) "Oh my Lord! Brooklyn, did you just eat a piece of CAKE for breakfast!!???"
Brooklyn: "Yes. I was going to get a bowl of cereal, but the milk was too high in the fridge, so I just decided it was easier to get a piece of cake."

[April 4]
Overheard at the Johnson house this evening...
Me: "Hey, Jake, don't you want to go pee pee on the potty? If you go pee pee in the potty I will give you some candy."
Jake: "No, Mommy, I no pee pee on the potty. And the Easter Bunny will bring me candy."

So, I knew I was dealing with two little smart-alecs, but we also found out this week that, thankfully, we are also dealing with two bright and intelligent kiddos.

Because it was report cards for both kids this week!

Brooklyn- 3rd Quarter of 1st Grade

Highlights/Mastered Skill Grades:
-Reading on a late 2nd grade level
-Great fluency and word attack skills
-4 out of 4 in Math and Social Studies (well above average)
-Gets along well with everyone; helpful; thankfully not mentioned by her peers in any of the classroom "girl drama"

Challenges/Satisfactory Skill Grades:
-Has a hard time with comprehension of stories (*We think this is due to the fact that Brooklyn likes to see how fast she can read and worries less about remembering the content of the story. We will be working with her on some chapter books without pictures, stopping her frequently to ask questions about what she is reading.)

Jake- 2 Year Old Development Assessment

Highlights/Mastered Skills:
-Great vocabulary
-Runs/walks/jumps with both feet
-Uses scissors/crayons/clay/building blocks
-Enjoys simple group play and solitary play; likes to perform for others (um, yeah, ya think?)
-Enjoys manipulatives, cooking in home living, dancing to music, playing in science, and doing art
-Able to wash his hands with little or no assistance, take on and off coat, and take off shoes
-Retains information at a rapid pace

Challenges/Emerging Traits:
-Potty training/staying dry (see April 4th conversation for confirmation on that one!)
-Taking turns
-Snapping and stringing beads
-Riding a tricycle
-Forward somersault

I'm truly blessed with two bright, sweet children. I pray they continue to do well in school and "play well with others." I am so very thankful they are such good kids.

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