Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goodbye, Ocean Isle! See you next year!

It was another great week at Ocean Isle Beach. I just love this beach and loved the time with family and friends. We went through 4 spray cans and two bottles of sunscreen, and I literally blew out a flip flop, but it was a memorable week filled with sun, storms, and laughter!

Our home for the week: 2 Dune Court

Lots of good family time with our west coast cuties...

...and lots of yummy crab legs for me!

We took fun rides on Uncle Bill's golf cart...

...and Jake got his feet stuck in the sand.

We caught fish...

...and then took family pics with the fish.

Our cousin Sean proposed to his girlfriend, Krystin...

...and we celebrated someone's 60th and someone else's 11th birthday.

Eric and Caroline had their one year wedding anniversary...

...and Nanny & Grandpa got lots of snuggles from all their kids and grand kids. :-)

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a great week of togetherness!

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