Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jake's first dentist appointment

Yesterday was Jake's first dentist visit. He did a GREAT job- much to my surprise (given our hair cut history). I just love our pediatric dentist. They offer so many distractions. :-)

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Kate Dunkin said...

I'm glad to hear Jake did great! To my surprise also my daughter's first dentist visit went great also. Thank you for sharing the great photos and the story with us!

Randal Cole said...

Those ‘distraction’ did a good job! I didn’t see any hint of fear in Jake’s face. He even appeared to be just playing around. And even during the actual checkup with the instruments in his mouth, still, it didn’t bother him much. This is definitely a good start!

Jimmie Thornburg said...

It was a good idea to make the dental clinic look like a play area. This will put children at ease before, and all throughout the checkup. Also, it’ll help to have an assistant who knows how to handle kids! Congrats to Jake for surviving his first dentist visit without shedding a tear!

Patty Gurrola said...

How old is Jake? Like what Jimmie said, it’s important to make the dental clinic as comfortable as possible for the sake of kids. It’s good to hear that Jake’s first dentist check up went well!


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