Friday, March 8, 2013

Pookie is 3....well, almost 3 and 1/2.

Jake turned three in October and I never did a 'what he likes now' post. So, here it is.....but first a "feeling sorry for myself moment" brought to you by

I'm a blogger failure. I had a great run. I am getting that overwhelming feeling that too much time has gone by and now its just too late to catch up. But that's my Type A talking. And my Type B (the little that I have in me) says "Who the heck cares? Just write something d**mit."

So, I will do my best. Because I truly do use this blog as a way to journal the kids lives. And sometimes preach about health and fitness (got some new fun things going on there) and maybe occasionally rant about a business or policy.

But for now, here is my Jake.

Jake at 3.

Jake loves his mama. But he loves his daddy, too. And he loves his Gramma and his Nanny. And he loves his sister. Loves to annoy her, boss her around, and get in her stuff. But he loves her.

He's very snuggly. And always quick to give hugs or say "You know what, mama, I love you."

He usually times that one right after/before he poops his pants.

Jake loves TV. And the iPad. And Netflix.
He goes to school for 9 hours everyday and I think they work him pretty hard. So, like any good Johnson, he likes to come home, put on his jammies, and chill.

Favorite shows are: Team Umi Zoomi, Diego, Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Blues Clues, Wonder Pets (especially the Yak, the Pig, and the Dancing Bear), Leap Frog Tad on the Farm, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Jake is a great "player." He will go to the playroom, his sister's room, or his room, and just play by himself. He loves cars, blocks, wipe boards, and even dolls. :-)

Back to pooping.

See this right here? This is a sure sign that something is up. I won't bore you with the details but potty training Jake has been MUCH more challenging than with Brooklyn. We were very lucky with B and I just know that I am paying my dues. But it's tough. He's doing great with peeing but pooping is about 50% (and that's just recently...before this week i would have said 10%).

But we are trucking along. And rewarding an awful lot when it does happen. :-)

Jake is not a big reader but he does retain things very easily and will "read" to me books that he knows. I'll take what I can get.

This was Jake's last voyage in the crib. In January, one random night, he decided he did not want to sleep in his crib anymore. He went straight to the twin bed that we had just "taking space" in his room and didn't look back. I was so shocked and totally unprepared. But we did it and we all survived. He's actually been doing great and stays in it most of the time. No major issues here.

Here's that bed. :-) Brooklyn must have warmed it up for him real good.

Jake is becoming a big helper in the kitchen. He loves to make his waffle for breakfast or pour his apple juice. He loves food and is a great eater. Favorites right now are: yogurt (drinkable, squeezable, any kind), apple sauce, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, baked beans, jelly sandwiches, green beans, corn, crackers/chips, pizza, and any desserts. I am really capitalizing on the "use the potty and get a chocolate" train right now.

Other notable things:
  • About two weeks ago, Jake spent the night at my parents' house and my mom just didn't think he had a paci so she didn't offer one. He didn't ask and then he came home and didn't ask. So, I quietly put them away, and seriously, he has NOT EVEN MENTIONED THEM ONCE. I mean, really? That easy? I have always been of the mindset that he would give it up when he was ready. It was only at night and not hurting anyone or any teeth so I wasn't concerned. Well, guess he was ready. Paci out.
  • Jake has been doing great at school. Well behaved. Rarely has bad reports (thank goodness). Only complaint from teachers: Pooping in pants. 'Nuff said.
  • He does great in church every Sunday night. Very quiet (the ONLY time he is quiet in a week) and loves the music. Just a joy to watch in worship.
He's a joy. Just an absolute joy. Love this boy so much, and we are so blessed to have him in our family!

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