Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Kids: This Winter

Here's a mish-mash of what the kids have been up to the last two(ish) months. If you follow me on Instagram or are on Facebook with me, you may have seen some of these...

Last May, Brooklyn was a "model" for some education products. This pulled her out of her comfort zone (which I LOVED) and she really did a great job for her shy self. A few weeks ago, we received the finished product. So cool.

I am encouraging Wii Dance as a physical activity- especially during these cold months. I usually get about 3-6 minutes of participation. I'll take what I can get, I guess.

Here's a very rough shot of Jake's new big boy bed and bedding. Nothing else changed but I have plans to paint and do a bit more decorating. Maybe I should say, I have plans to procrastinate until summer and then make Chad do it over summer vacation.

Working from home in the evenings sometimes leads to me having to 'share' my computer. But Jake loves typing on it and working on his letters and sounds and spelling family members' names.

Brooklyn has been hesitant to jump back into her weekly Zumbatomic class (Zumba for kids). Not sure whether its because the class is small and she's just not done it since summer but she's had a hard time jumping back in and dancing. However, her teacher, Ms. Lori, was a guest at one of Brooklyn's Brownie meetings, and they all had a blast. Just another way I am trying to get Brooklyn to open up and try new things. Zumba is great because its dance class without the end of year recital and costumes. :-) Maybe I'll try and find a friend to go with her so she's less scared. Or maybe I'll just be the mean mom and tell her to suck it up and get over it.

On the flip side, Jake tore it up at his school's Valentine's Day dance.

And we had a great Mommy and Jake dinner date at Wendy's one night.
It's the little things.

And most recently, Brooklyn and Zoe had a sleepover with Zoe's mom, Emily, and I at Embassy Suites to celebrate Brooklyn's 8th birthday. We were there anyway for a big gig with Grace Reigns Down (more about that gig later), and they gave us a room so we capitalized. Much fun, not much sleep, and a great "first" for Brooklyn.

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