Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Big Birthday Weekend

My fabulous mother-in-law turned a "birthday ending in 0" last weekend. It was a great weekend celebrating her...but we all know the highlight was this doodlebug...
Gramma was in her glory. All three grandkids chilling at Gramma's House.

We did have them over to our house that weekend, too.

And Brooklyn made sure that Claire was coming to a super clean living room.

I think someone is ready for pool weather!

Claire loved being in the 'Boro! She told me she cannot wait to come back very soon.

It's amazing how interested she is in the kids now. Watching Jake and Brooklyn's every move and fascinated by these big-little people.

The weekend was not complete without some Sunday afternoon tummy time.

And then the bonus was that it was a long weekend!

And it was a loooooong weekend. But we had a great time.

Just tired us out a bit. :-)

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