Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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The Working Mom Stays Home Episode: "The Escapes"
Season 1, Episode 2

Episode Synopsis: If you loved episode 1 ("...& Forgets to go to Zumba"), you'll love this one. Mama manages to escape the home for two separate occasions- a meeting for work (and was super thrilled to wear pants that buttoned) and a 4 mile run (and most definitely needed that 45 minutes). Other than those two mini escapes, episode 2 captures another sick day in the Johnson house. Highlights include: finishing half empty water bottles (mama), scrapbooking (B), launching rockets off the couch (J, thanks to a dose of Tylenol), baking another Pinterest recipe of cinnamon sugar bread, drawing self-portraits, a visit to the best doctor ever to rule out strep throat, multi-colored pancakes (You think Mama would have learned with food dye the day before and the mess it leaves on a counter. Rookie mistake.), and some "help" with work emails. Oh, the hilarity.

Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2013

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