Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Makings of a Reality TV Show Right Here...

Dear TLC,

I know your primetime line up is pretty solid right now...you know, with Honey Boo Boo and Sex, Lies, & Zumba. But I propose to you a new reality show for next season:

The Working Mom Stays At Home (& Forgets to Go to Zumba)

So, this week was a crazy week anyway...Chad went back to work for teacher workdays last Thursday, my parents are back to work, and Brooklyn has no school. Which means, I needed to adjust my schedule, take her in to the office with me, work from home, catch up in the evenings, etc. Nothing unmanageable. Just a bit of juggling. And only until Thursday when she starts back.

But then our sweet boy came down with a fever Sunday and stayed home from school yesterday. Which left me home with both kids- one who was less than 80% and needed snuggles (but not all the time), pillows (but only a certain number and shape), entertainment (but not too much entertainment), and food (but only at times when no one else was eating), and a girl who, to put it bluntly, was just pissed that her little brother got sick and ruined.her.life.

So, I had to snap into action.

And go ahead and call the work day a wash and put in for sick leave.

I had no one to call on but Pinterest and myself. And a closet full of toys and activities that the kids hadn't seen since the last major holiday.

We did handwriting activities with dry erase boards.

While wearing a pirate costume.

We made apple slices with cinnamon in the oven. (Because when else but a sick day would you be home for 2 hours to let them bake at 275 degrees?)

And we made homemade finger paints...

And, while they did that, I cleaned out the cabinet under the sink.

There was stamping and sticker-ing.

And magic eraser-ing.

And then grocery list making when I ran out of magic eraser.

We cleaned out the laundry "room" (me), ordered Chinese take out (Brooklyn), dyed hair (me), ate lunch naked in the bed (Jake), and played in the whirlpool tub.

And then it was 11:30am, and I was running out of steam.

So, I pulled out the iPad for Jake and then I was able to answer a few work emails.

And laid in bed with the kids and organized my Pinterest boards.

Cause, you know, it had been a while.

And then Brooklyn was bored again, so I went to said boards and found a recipe for a peanut butter chocolate smoothie that was the answer to my Cookout prayer.


Jake started to rally, so I invited my parents over for dinner...cause somewhere in the day I made a meatloaf, too.

While we waited for the reserves to show up, we played "baby" in the playroom.

And I guess got dressed sometime around then, too.

Sadly, Jake started feeling bad again around dinner time and took a turn.

So, we are home again today.

Another day of cursing and blessing Pinterest in the same breath.

And snuggling one and entertaining another....though not at the same time. And not who you would think.

And reminding myself that all is well and all will be well.

And assuring Brooklyn that I will make this up to her and we will have a "FUN" teacher workday another day soon.

But first, I need to go enter another day of sick leave in the system at work.

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