Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mama planned a surprise...

...and a surprise it was!

Last Thursday, Brooklyn attended her first "rock concert." She has been a fan of Taylor Swift since this summer so it was a great first concert for her.

Despite recovering from Strep Throat.

Misty also surprised Allie, so we had two excited girls that night.

Along with about 13,500 other very excited little girls.

The noise level was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

We came prepared with ear muffs for Brooklyn to help muffle the noise...but it really was needed more for the ear bleeding shrieks and screams.

Taylor's got some fans, y'all.

But she put on a great show, and I was glad that Brooklyn and I got to do this together. She (Brooklyn, not Taylor) started getting really tired about 9:30pm so we headed out early, and I did NOT mind leaving the coliseum with no traffic and making it home and in bed by 10pm. :-)

After all, it was a school night.

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