Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Season 2 Finale

Luckily, the kids are on the mend and I think the end is in sight.

Just to display for you the power of Tylenol.

Here is kids on Tylenol...
(Doing planks with me during my ab workout)

This is worn off Tylenol...

This is two kids in the doctor's office...happy as they can be, making me look like a crazy mommy, but thankful for the best pediatrician in the world who agrees that Jake was on the verge of strep and with Brooklyn already positive it was in everyone's best interest to start him on meds as well.

This is two spoiled kids in Target waiting for our second rounds of meds to be filled...with their beverages of choice.

This is amoxicillin organization- keeping track of now two kids, sixty doses, and 21 days of meds.

This is, in no better words, pretty exhausting.

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