Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jake's 1st Science Project

Jake's preschool teacher assigned the kids a science project for the month of January. She recommended we scan Pinterest, and I found a great, easy (and 4 ingredient) experiment to make Lava Lamps.

First, you fill a water bottle about 2/3 with oil.

Then, you fill the rest with a little water.

Once the water and oil separate, you add your choice of food coloring.

Once the water is fully colored, you then add pieces of alka-seltzer tablets. We first added 1/4 of a piece at a time and the bubbles rose very slowly. Then we learned if you add them quickly, the bubbles come super fast and it's very exciting. :-)

Of course, sweet Brooklyn did one, too.

Yay for a successful experiment!
Jake then wrote what we did and presented it to his class the next day.

He was so proud!

Thank you, Ms. Alex and Pinterest, for a fun family project!

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