Thursday, September 10, 2015

August Update: #splitaplatelosesomeweight

I'm getting slacker and slacker with sharing these posts, but trust me, we are still trucking along and splitting those plates. For better or for worse!

August included one week at the beach (where we cashed in our "holiday/anniversary meal" on the way down at Sharky's) and back to school (which drove us out of the restaurants and back into a routine and Slow Cooker Sundays- thank goodness!).

So, I do have to say that we did pretty well eating out for the month of August.

We split three meals during the month- 2 Moe's burritos and a Mad Hatter chicken pesto pizza...

Our August "freebie" was eaten actually as a To-Go meal at home from Olive Garden. (See, we were even honest with the Take Out and cashed that in.)

And I was thoroughly shocked that we did not have any national holidays in for the first time ever, we had to dip into our September "Labor Day freebie" early as we attended a church committee dinner out on August 29 and didn't want to have to explain our #splitaplate-ness to a large group in a fancy restaurant. :-)

So, there's August for you- 8 months down and 4 to go! It's crazy to think we are 2/3 of the way through 2015!

And crazy to think how many (1/2) Moe's burritos I have consumed!

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