Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First day of school!

It came, it went, and we all survived to tell about it.

The first day of school for my kids was last Thursday. That was really nice to have a two day week and then the weekend before jumping into a full 5 days.

Kindergarten and 5th grade....amazing. I swear they were just 2 and 6.

Someone is an old pro at my first day of school pics...

And someone was very nervous and not up for pictures...

By the time we got to school, things were a bit better, so we took some time to visit Daddy/Brooklyn's class.

I then walked Jake down to his class where neither of us cried (yippee!). It helps to have a husband who works at the school and who can send you covert videos of your baby boy during the day. :-)

Hope everyone's kids had great first days of schools. I loved seeing all the pictures!

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