Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July Update: #splitaplatelosesomeweight

This month's update is a little late...what's new, right? :-)

We crossed the #splitaplatelosesomeweight halfway point of 2015, and now it's all downhill from here!

In July, we ate out 4 meals that we split plus 2 Moe's take-out-half-burritos (that I have already in 2015 taken two dozen pictures of, so I have stopped taking its pic). These meals out oddly included two trips to Cracker Barrel (Mama's Pancake Breakfast- holla), a chicken cheesesteak from Natty Greene's,  and a beach lunch at Sharkey's (yum!)

I know we cashed in our two July holidays (4th of July and Chad's birthday) for "non-splitting," but honestly, I cannot for the life of me remember where, when, and how.

And just because it's fun, in July, I also split 13 pounds of crab legs with my family.
Now, that's a good split!

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