Friday, August 14, 2015

Beach Fun 2.0!

Saturday, August 1, we headed back to Ocean Isle for week #2 at the beach. We were soooooo excited to return and have another awesome week!

The weather was kinda cray-cray all week, but we had the kids always ready to play outside.

I am so thankful that my kids love the beach as much as I do!

We did our requisite family picture....kid in front of belly, of course.

The boys learn how to "correctly" pose for the camera.

Claire loved the little watering can we had.

Daddy impressed us all with his gymnastics skills.

Our new hobby of the week was catching minnows in a cast net.

It was quite successful.

And our favorite visitor on the beach is always the Carolina Quench slushie cart!

And gotta love some beach selfies...

This baby had such a blast all week with her cousins! Pure joy on this face!

Sneaking in time in a beach chair was a bit tougher with a toddler, but we managed every so often. :-)

More fun to many pictures...cannot narrow them down!

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